Free delivery over UK 60£ Order fulfillment time 2-4 days
Free delivery over UK 60£ Order fulfillment time 2-4 days
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About me

I am running a small yarn business based in Ellesmere Port, UK.

Became from passion a few years ago – today I operate as an independent small business.
However big or small your project is, what a unique gift you are looking for or if you are just looking for inspiration, I am here to help!
And last but not least, I love to listen to my customers, so please feel free to contact me on instagram, facebook, mail or leave feedback/review about me on my social media.
My small business is made in Pets friendly home so if You have any allergies be aware before buying anything.

Handmade Yarn Cakes

Most of my yarns are handmade. My objective is to supply the highest quality possible, so I am not the cheapest in the market, but one thing is for sure, You are getting new yarn made specifically for You.
I would love to invite you to see my Yarn collection

Crochet and Knitting Patterns

Most of my patterns are very simple and multi-functional. I truly believe that simple is beautiful. PDF files which you receive include yarn suggestions, tips and tricks and a pattern chart
Take a minute to see my Crochet Patterns

Buying Handmades

There are great benefits to buying handmade items. Whether we’re buying from local crafters or supporting a handmade artist. Have you ever really thought about exactly what the advantage is of buying handmade, and who gets what out of the transaction?

  • Handmade is good for the environment
  • Each handmade product is unique
  • Handmade is supporting the local economy
  • Handmade withstands time
  • There is a story behind each product
  • Buy handmade directly from the maker
  • Buying handmade keeps the craft skills and tradition going
  • When you buy handmade it shows that you care
  • Handmade is made by real people