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Crochet PDF Pattern Klasyk Scarf Original

Klasyk Original Scarf Pattern


Hi everyone,
I would love to introduce You my pattern – Klasyk Scarf Original.

let it be navy blue with a glow of blue
maybe turquoise with a hazy twilight tinge crimson,
maybe, like a rose in the sunlight
or orange, I don’t know for sure
choose a color by yourself to suit your face
maybe even to smile when that happens
let it be elegant and cheerful at the same time
and a little crazy, extraordinary, becoming the image of the SOUL!
Robert Midura, Vibration

My imagination, Your creation

This pattern is very simple, so even a beginners can easily handle it … But also is giving You possibility to play with width and length dimensions. In pattern I am showing You the most usual size but I am also saying how You can change it for Your needs.

I don’t really follow trends – I don’t like wearing what other people are wearing.
I just like to be original!

Kylie Jenner

I hope you will also like a Scarf with this pattern, and at the same time it will encourage you to experiment, play and be creative so that something very individual arises

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