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Know Me Better - - Agata Goward

After a little break we are going back to Grey collection.
This time with yellow shade I would love to introduce You Agata Goward and her side of handmade 😊

Beginnings - what were they like for you?  Where did the idea for crochet come from? :
The needles looked complicated - even though I did a little many many MANY years ago 😉 and crochet is more forgiving - at least in my opinion.
Because something had to be done during the first lockdown - and I'm not a cleaning enthusiast - I grabbed a crochet hook - I searched on YT for something easy - and found a wafer - now my sweetie has a blanket in the colors of the sunset by the sea 😊

Your profile is full of energetic colors. Do you have your favourite? What combinations do you like the most? :
My profile is the complete opposite of how I dress on a daily basis - black is the dominant color - unless I'm going for a run - then the more colorful I am - the more visible I am - so the chance that someone will shoot me by mistake when I run through the fields is low 😉 Favorite color is green - although in my crocheting/knitting it is not very visible. My favorite set is the crocus - in the times 'before Stay Alive' 😉  a nice lady made me a skein according to my whim, which just reflects the colors of the crocus - one was bought as a typical Mietek - it is always in sight on the shelf to make me feel better.

In addition to a variety of colors, we can also find different types of yarn, do you have your favorite among them? :
'It should be soft and cuddly' is the main requirement. So what will fall into your hands at the fair and is just cute - or color will catch the eye on the store's website or FB (or ombre skeins). I like merino or alpaca wool - definitely my favorite is the merino / silk / yak blend

Your works are often accompanied by your furry friends. Apparently, you combine business with pleasure and you support foundations with the effects of your passion. Can you tell us more about it? :
Two of the three dogs we have were adopted from Poland - one of them is ex Radysiak - the other from another shelter with a dubious reputation. Both of them were pulled out by fantastic volunteers - and then stayed in temporary homes, where they learned to trust people.
Such help is often costly - and volunteers/temporary homes rely on financial help from others. From time to time, I donate scarves to auctions for groups supporting the work of the foundation or individuals - as well as a percentage of the sale of my items, I pay for purposes related to the protection / help of animals.

What and for whom will the next auction be? :
This year, the first auction will be at Funciaka dla psiaka (group on FB)

You can find this group over here:

I also noticed that you exhibit your works at fairs. Can you tell us what kind of fair it is, on what occasion and where it takes place? :
These are mainly handicraft fairs organized locally in my area - quite intimate, where the number of exhibitors does not exceed 10 or 15 stands - at the moment I lack the courage for anything bigger. However, I really like going to fairs where you can buy all kinds of yarn (it spends a fortune each time) - and although there are already several companies offering ombre skeins - only one of them was present at the fair last year - and with a very limited offer. I think it would be a big field for you to show off.

If you would like to encourage someone who wants to start their adventure with crochet, what would you like to tell them?
Start - buy a skein of any kind - usually crochet - search on Youtube - join groups on FB - and you will see that it's not black magic.

Thank you Agata for this conversiation.

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