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Know Me Better - Reliefovelove - Monika Turecka

Know Me Better Reliefovelove

Some time ago I mentioned to you about Monika and our cooperation. Today I present to you one of the cakes that she designed in her favorite colors 😊  in a short series of questions you will have the opportunity to get know Monika a little closer. I also encourage you to ask your own questions if you have any... 🥰

Question: When and how did you start your crochet adventure?

Monika @reliefowelove :
My adventure with crochet began quite by accident. In 2019, in autumn time, I made my first scarf for my daughter. And you could say that's how it all started. I've never had a crochet hook before. If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would be completely lost and my main niche would be scarves, I would have laughed to my armpits and of course I wouldn't have believed it. I think it was meant to be. Life turned out so well that it directed me towards crochet. I realized that later. And I am very grateful for this passion inspires me immensely, and I am most pleased with the fact that I can share my passion with others.

In addition to making custom-made scarves, you also design your own patterns, tell us when and how you decided to create your own designs.

Monika @reliefowelove :
It can also be said that it was an accident ;) I didn't really plan it! I had no idea how to go about it. Somewhere in my head I had an idea for myself in the form of designing patterns, but it seemed to me that it was something that I would not be able to grasp on a larger scale. Because I didn't have a mentor, someone to guide me, to explain to me how to do it. But one day, so spontaneously, an idea came up and I don't know how it happened, but I said to myself that "if others can do it, I can do it too!" and I did it. My first original pattern premiered on October 24, 2021 and it is the pattern for the Queen of Hearts shawl.

Question: You are very active in the social media, not only as a craftswoman, you motivate other people to act every day.
What is your motivation?

Monika @reliefowelove :
My motivation is something very simple. It's just positive thinking! Because the key to success is always positive thinking and self-confidence. Thanks to it, we can be successful both in private and professional life. In addition, this positive thinking makes us want to pursue our dreams or dare to take on new challenges. If we think positively, everything will change. Psychologists have long proven that people who think positively on a daily basis are much easier to motivate themselves to achieve their dream goals. So, every day I am motivated by positive thinking, faith in myself, in my strengths, which I transfer to my social media, motivating and infecting others!

Question: How and where do you see yourself in a few years when it comes to the field of handicrafts?

Monika @reliefowelove :
In a few years, when it comes to the field of handicrafts, I have a vision of myself as a woman simply fulfilled and happy. So much.

I have my goals, ambitions, talents, motivations and aspirations that I will pursue every day. A vision of the future on a larger scale is not for me because I am aware that not everything is always stable and everything can change overnight, even our thoughts and goals. I am the type of person who reacts to changing circumstances on an ongoing basis.

In a few years I will certainly have even more experience in what I do, I'm very happy about it, every day is something beautiful for me, because I do what I love and that's how I go ahead with a smile on my face, because ...

"Our passion is our strength."
Billy Joe Armstrong

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