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Handmade Yarn Cakes Cotton Yardage

Cotton Yardage Cotton Yarn Cakes Mandala cakes Ombre Yarn Cakes

Hi everyone, I would love to introduce You Yardage for Cotton Yarn Cakes

"Once you start pulling loops through loops, why even stop?."

– Vashti Braha

This Yardage is available at this moment, but I am not saying that will gonna change in future.

Your imagination, My creation

Every project have them individual length, so why I prepared that huge offer of length possibility for You. This Yardage is matching most of length needed from small sock, hat, glove, scarf, shawl, sweater even to small baby blanket.

Actual Yardage available

If you need more then 2000m for Your project, do not hesitate to use YOC – Your Own Cake Yarn option to made for example 2 cakes with different length or just contact with me to check what we can create together.

When You run out of yarn or need just only extra additional meters to Your project I offer You possibility to order some extra length of solid color which is very useful when You realize that almost on the end of Your project.

There will be new offer added just only for 100% COTTON Ombre Cakes called MANDALA Cakes. As I know many of You doing now very amazing Mandalas projects and You need smal amount of yarn with ombre color combinations. This small beauties will have possibility to create them up to 4 colors.

My Solid Yarn Cakes have full length offer start from 100m to 2000m.

I hope that this Yardage will be helpful for You to find Your most needed length for Your project.

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