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Handmade Yarn Cakes Merino.

Merino Yarn Cakes Ombre Yarn Cakes

Hi everyone, I would love to introduce You my 100% Merino Yarn Cakes

"Elegance is when the inside is a beautiful as the outside"

– coco chanel

Mine Merino threads are very special, using the finest ultra-long smooth 19.5-micron super merino wool… the handle of the Cashmere without the horrendous price and no finishing needed. My yarns is a joy to wear and with care will last You many years and stay smart.

My imagination, Your creation

The Merinos are rare fibres, from only few countries around the globe, the fibre is very fine hence, and the smooth nature imparts great color value whichever shade You choose. All this care performance and exclusivity means it is not the cheapest yarn in the world, but I was always dreaming to create Yarn Cakes of that king of quality.

I hope that these merinos will became my best selling yarns and will illustrate the trend I found that crafters like to work with quality yarns to compliment the many hours they put into their skilled pastime.

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