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Know Me Better - szydelkowe.wariactwa.bk - Barbara Kulka

Know Me Better szydelkowe.wariactwa.bk

Another great collection from the 100% Merino series is Hidden in Shadow, where I would love to introduce you to Basia Kulka known as @szydelkowe.wariactwa.bk and the admin of the Kreatywne Siostry/Creative Sisters group on FB, to which I also cordially invite you. If you like Grey colors with an accent of more vibrant colors, this collection is for you.


Question: How and when did your crochet adventure begin?

Basia @szydelkowe.wariactwa.bk :
My adventure began in primary school, but only basic chain stitch and double crochet, no knowledge about reading charts.
But I remember that I liked it in general, I always liked such manual things.
When I met my husband, his mother was crocheting and she reminded me about it and I asked her to show me how to read charts etc. It was about 8 years ago something like this. Of course, I'm left-handed, she's right-handed, so we had a problem showing me something, so I learned to crochet with my right hand so that it would be easier for her to show me. I remember how she said, you know the basics, you read the diagrams, so only practice and your hand will make it. Well, that's how I started.


Question: What is handicraft for you?

Basia @szydelkowe.wariactwa.bk :
For me, handicraft is something that allows me to calm down, relax and turn off thinking after a whole day.
It is an unlimited inspiration for me and the ability to create, you only need to have imagination, ideas and patience.


What would you say to people who would like to start their adventure with handicrafts?

Basia @szydelkowe.wariactwa.bk :
People who want to start their adventure with handicrafts should first determine what kind of handicraft would be closest to their heart, and start.


What is your biggest crafting dream?

Barbara @szydelkowe.wariactwa.bk :
The biggest dream related to handicrafts. Open your own small boutique with handicrafts and run workshops.

I wish you all the best and that your dreams come true.


Barbara @szydelkowe.wariactwa.bk :

I will add from myself Crocheting is always Yoga for the brain.
Many people with depression calm down thanks to crocheting and crocheting helps them.

On photo Fifty-Fifty pattern

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